Transmissions ¬

Project „Transmissions” is an attempt to create a visual puzzle about the problem of image of war in the age of the Internet. Part of photographs are stills from the video posted on “Youtube”, recorded by direct witnesses and participants of conflicts in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria among others. The second part of pictures were taken during the last years in Poland during shows of military reconstruction groups, military parades, objects belonging to the army, paintball field etc.
Photographs have been transformed so that it was impossible to distinguish whether it is a still from the video recorded during a real conflict or photo taken in peacetime (in places reminiscent of the war).
Pictures explore the limits of our tolerance for the presence of images of war around us and considering wide availability of these images which can be far, shocking, close and ordinary in the same time. One thing has not changed: we are still helpless, defenseless and curious about them..